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Emily Ratajkowski flaunts MAJOR cleavage as she parades nearly-nude around NYC

EMILY RATAJKOWKSI was bound to set more than just the tongue of her pooch wagging as she cavorted around the streets of New York City in sexy lingerie today.
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My Horoscope

Aries Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

Let your heart have its way with you today; you've got to let your emotional side take control every now and then in order to get back on track. It's a reall...

Taurus Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

Your deepest emotions are coming out to play now, and that could mean that you need to set aside some alone time -- or some time with your sweetie. It's a gr...

Gemini Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

Do something positive to take care of your health today -- it's the best time to make a real difference! You may have to step up and get your family to help ...

Cancer Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

Your heart is going through quite a lot these days -- it may be that you've got to make some big changes! They should be all positive, though, so don't worry...

Leo Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

Superficial answers aren't working out for you right now, so see if you can get your mind wrapped around something a bit deeper. You may have to take the day...

Virgo Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

The deeper you look into today's big mystery, the weirder it gets -- up to a point, that is. If you keep at it doggedly, you should find a surprisingly pleas...

Libra Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

Whatever you are doing today, you need to do it to the utmost! It's one of those days when half measures are worse than nothing, so get out there and live li...

Scorpio Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

Whether you want it or not, you are the center of attention today! You can use that magnetic energy to get things done your way (the right way, that is) or y...

Sagittarius Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

You're moodier than usual today, but that could just mean that you sense the imminence of something big. Keep waiting, and don't try to worry overmuch about ...

Capricorn Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

You need to step back from the situation -- but that is pretty easy for you, especially on a day like today. You can judge things objectively and keep from d...

Aquarius Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

Your emotional side is out in force today, and it may be having an effect on your job, schooling or other important business. That may be a good thing! Follo...

Pisces Daily Overview for January 20, 2017

Try not to get too upset over the big decisions you face today -- your energy is probably directed inward. That just means it's time for reflection and resea...

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Strange but True

Psychic spoon-bender Geller 'convinced' CIA
Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller's telepathic abilities were tested by the CIA, according to newly published documents.
'Squeaking' puppy swallowed 8in-long knife
A puppy called Macie was "extremely lucky to survive" after swallowing an 8-inch (20cm) long kitchen knife, according to experts.
A moo-ving story: Cow rescued from swimming pool
A bovine visitor took a fancy to a neighbourhood swimming pool and couldn't resist an early morning dip.
Finally! China celebrates ballpoint breakthrough
China has finally produced its own fully home-produced ballpoint pen after years of trying to master the complex techniques involved in making the delicate ...
Russian network interrupts US Congress broadcast
An online broadcast of a US network from the floor of the House of Representatives has been bizarrely interrupted by the Russian news site RT.


Don't cry, all your favorite Vines will live on here
While the Vine we once knew is no more, at least Twitter is keeping around your favorite six-second videos for posterity. The company just debuted a new version of Vine's website, which now acts as an archive for all the Vines created between 2013....
Trump's piano guy and cello player just trolled Hillary fans, bigly
In the event supporters of Hillary Clinton haven't had a bad enough day, Donald Trump's camp just rammed the message home one last time, in the cruelest, most absurd way possible.  At one of the many inaugural balls on Friday night, The Piano Guys....
Lucky rocket just left Trump's America behind
The day Donald Trump was sworn in as president, this rocket was busy ditching Earth.  The rose gold-hued Atlas V lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 7:42 p.m. ET on Friday.  SEE ALSO: This rocket company clearly wants to....

Interesting Things

San Francisco's Terra Infirma / Ship to shore
Buried beneath the streets of San Francisco are the remains of numerous ships abandoned when their passengers and crew went to the hills to seek their fortunes in gold..
The Woodwose / Bigfoot's European cousin
Centuries before Bigfoot found its way into popular mythology, another very similar mythical creature showed up repeatedly in European literature and art..
Truffles / Fungus of the gods
These small black (or white) lumps may not look like much, but they are among the world's rarest and most expensive foods. And the aroma is heavenly, at least if you're a pig..

Product Reviews

Review: Yuneec Breeze 4K
Review: Yuneec Breeze 4KWith the new Breeze 4K, Yuneec has launched a drone made just for newcomers. The post Review: Yuneec Breeze 4K appeared first on WIRED..
Review: LifePrint
Review: LifePrintPrint is not dead. At least, LifePrint is banking on it remaining alive for some time to come. The post Review: LifePrint appeared first on WIRED..
Review: Audioengine HD3 Premium Powered Desktop Speakers
Review: Audioengine HD3 Premium Powered Desktop SpeakersThe venerable brand's new desktop speakers are really something special. The post Review: Audioengine HD3 Premium Powered Desktop Speakers appeared first on WIRED..

The Onion

Light Playing Beautifully Off Eric Trump’s Gums At Inaugural Ball
How Recycling Works
Steelers Players Make Surprise Hospital Visits To Spend Time With Opponents They’ve Injured
PITTSBURGH—Stressing the importance of giving back to those who are much less fortunate, members of the Pittsburgh Steelers reportedly spent Friday making surprise hospital visits to spend some time with opponents they’ve injured.....

TV & Showbiz

Chelsee Healy set to welcome her first child
The 28-year-old Hollyoaks star has announced she's set to welcome her first child with her boyfriend Jack Malloy later this year.
Tilda Swinton attends Paris Men's Fashion Week
The 56-year-old actress donned her signature minimal style in an all black coords look as she came out to support the applauded designer's showcase in Paris on Friday night.
Stacy Francis can't control herself over Calum Best's bum
Stacy Francis was sure to welcome some light relief when she encountered Calum Best in the bathroom later in the show.
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Hello Headlines

Donald Trump becomes 45th President of the United States
A look at the best photos from President Donald Trump's Inauguration.
Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton: The current and former first daughters' friendship and parallel lives
We take a look at the amazing similarities between BFFs Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump
Barack and Michelle Obama greet Donald and Melania Trump for White House handover
It's time to officially turn over the house! In line with tradition, President Obama...

International News

Rottweiler kills baby in France after biting its head
Russian Jack Russell joined in attack and bit baby several times.
Inauguration: Anti-Donald Trump protesters shut down Uber HQ in San Fransisco
Footage shows protesters chanting, 'Donald Trump, go away. Racist, sexist, anti-gay'.
Donald Trump inauguration: Bernie Sanders issues message to the world on 'tough day'
Veteran Democrat says opponents of Donald Trump must 'fight back effectively and vigorously'.
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Body & Soul

Power of Symbolic Rings
If our eyes are windows into our souls, then our hands and the symbolic rings we wear, are the indications of our intent. Since the beginning of human history, our hands have been the way in which we shape our world, declare our love, and lay the ....
Why Hello There
Whilst the much bemoaned year 2016 is gingerly sliding towards it’s final curtain, a somewhat apprehensively seen 2017 is waiting in the wings to be called centre stage. Not that it makes any sense to blame and even hold responsible a calendar yea....
Festive Love
Oh, doesn’t time fly? Already our calendars remind us again of upcoming celebrations of cheer and good will. As such a lot goes on in the world and our lives, we should focus even more on the the hope – and lightful true meaning of the coming holi....

Huffington Post

Michelle Obama's Reactions Were The Highlight Of Trump's Inauguration
It was always going to be an iconic moment when Barack and Michelle Obama welcomed Donald and Melania Trump to the White House. But the greeting at the front steps ahead of the Inauguration of the 45th President of the US was made more awkward whe....
Donald Trump's White House Immediately Deletes Climate Change Page And Pledges 'America First' Drilling
Donald Trump’s White House has announced it will drill for oil and gas almost immediately after he was inaugurated. Trump had only been president for minutes when the White House website deleted all references to “climate change”, removing the ded....
27 Things Wrong With President Donald Trump's Inauguration Speech
Donald Trump is President of the United States of America, an event he marked with the traditional inauguration speech. There were positives: I think the best that can be said about that Trump inauguration speech is that it was mercifully brief.—....

Buzzfeed Latest

Which Villain On "The Bachelor" Are You?
Are you more of a Corinne or a Chad?.
It's Entirely Possible That Kylie Jenner Never Learned How To Wear A Coat
Thank Gucci the weather is mild in Southern California. Today we are discussing whether or not teenage makeup wearer Kylie Jenner understands the mechanisms of wearing a coat. We hope a closer look at the evidence will sat....
Style At The People's Choice Awards
Here’s what everyone wore last night! Jennifer Lopez Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images Kristen Bell Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images Blake Lively K....

The Daily Beast

I’m a Proud Queer in Trump’s U.S.A.
Samantha Allen and her partner met in Indiana, their relationship unfolding in the heart of what is called Trumps America. They love it there. And theyre staying..
The Greatest Drinking Song in the World?
A case for awarding this lofty title to a little-known George Jones tune..
He Celebrated Jazz and Freedom
The late critic tirelessly supported the improvisational genius of Americas native art form and the rights of all citizens, contrarian or not, to speak their minds..

Aeon Magazine

Music of India
Produced by the Indian government-run Films Division in 1966, this vintage short explores the North Indian Hindustani and South Indian Carnatic styles of Indian classical music, which diverged around the 15th and 16th centuries but share common ro....
Five-month-old babies know what’s funny
Before they speak or crawl or walk or achieve many of the other amazing developmental milestones in the first year of life, babies laugh. This simple act makes its debut around the fourth month of life, ushering in a host of social and cognitive o....
Stephen King on childhood
‘It’s a secret world that exists by its own rules and lives in its own culture.’ Using archival audio excerpted from a 1989 interview with Stephen King, this instalment of PBS’s animated Blank on Blank series features the horror fiction master dis....


TV & Radio News

Coronation Street: Soap shock as Pat Phelan brutally KILLS Andy Carver

CORONATION STREET viewers were left in shock when Andy Carver was murdered by soap villain Pat Phelan.
Celebrity Big Brother 2017: James earns eternal immunity as Speidi face eternal nomination

JAMES COSMO won eternal immunity in tonight's instalment of Celebrity Big Brother, which saw the housemates choose one star to be saved from the public vote until the final, in two weeks time.
Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Chloe Ferry EVICTED after brutal nomination by Stacy Francis

CHLOE FERRY survived just one week in the Celebrity Big Brother house before viewers decided they were fed up of her cheeky antics.
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Food & Drink

Hot Ukrainian Borscht Recipe (With Beets, Beef, Pork, and More)
Ukrainian borscht—hot, meaty, and beet-red—is a classic hearty wintertime soup, loaded with tender chunks of beef and pork, plus an amazing array of vegetables, from beet....
Hot Caramel-Popcorn Bourbon Apple Cider
A caramel popcorn–enhanced spiked cider for a chilly day. Get Recipe! .
Chicken Piccata (Fried Chicken Cutlets With Lemon-Butter Pan Sauce)
Chicken piccata takes a beloved food—pan-fried chicken cutlets—and tops it with a simple but luxurious lemon-butter pan sauce. The result is a flavor and texture festival....

New Gadgets

Crunch Report | Apple Suing Qualcomm for $1 Billion
Apple is suing Qualcomm for $1 billion, the hit app Meitu may be collecting too much data, removes LGBT, climate change and more and Kristen Stewart appeared as a co-author on an AI paper. All this on Crunch Report. Read More.
Apple files a billion-dollar royalty suit against Qualcomm
 What started as a rough week for Qualcomm just got worse. Apple is piling onto the lawsuit train just ahead of the weekend, following in the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s footsteps with a roughly billion-dollar suit against the San Diego-based ....
Audible’s iTunes exclusivity ends following antitrust pushback in Europe
 Since 2003, Amazon-owned Audible has been the sole proprietor of audiobook on iTunes, a deal that has ruffled plenty of publishing feathers and raised some antitrust red flags around the world. According to The European Commission, the two tech g....
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Time Magazine Entertainment

5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week
John Mayer is back in full ballad form.
Watch Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon Spice Up Yelp Restaurant Complaints
It's the latest installment of The Tonight Show's Dramatic Yelp Reviews.
Watch Chance the Rapper Dance His Cares Away with the #OptimisticChallenge
A new challenge for a new political era.

Book & Film Reviews

Even the Emperor
Hans Holbein’s The Dance of Death, a series of forty-one miniature woodcuts about the triumph of death, was produced between 1523 and 1525. In making these depictions, the Cambridge scholar Ulinka Rublack observes, Holbein was intensely engaged with the problem of corruption in politics.
Embracing the Vulgar
What is vulgar? The word's many meanings and many forms are at the heart of “The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined,” an expansive exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London. The show takes shape around eleven categories of vulgarity conceived by writer and psychoanalyst Adam Phillips, like “Puritan,” “Impossible Ambition,” and “Showing Off.” Each is ex...
‘Fuck’-ing Around
Obscene language presents problems, the linguist Michael Adams writes in his new book, In Praise of Profanity, “but no one seems to spend much time thinking about the good it does.” Actually, a lot of people in the last few decades have been considering its benefits, together with its history, its neuroanatomy, and above all its fantastically la...