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LOVE Advent: Hailey Baldwin exposes pert derriere in seriously sexy sheer lingerie

HAILEY BALDWIN gave viewers an eyeful of her peachy bottom on day 13 of LOVE Magazine’s advent calendar.
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My Horoscope

Aries Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

You're feeling mighty strange today -- and rather shy, too! It's a good time for you to retreat a bit and consider new directions and new possibilities. Big ...

Taurus Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

You are a bit pricklier than usual today, though that could work to your advantage if you have important work to do -- or you need to let someone know just h...

Gemini Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

You've got more going on in your brain than anyone realizes today, and may have wheels spinning within wheels. All your plans need to get started soon, thoug...

Cancer Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

Your instincts are flawless today, but they may be helping you avoid trouble more than head toward success. There's nothing wrong with that, of course -- so ...

Leo Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

Your ego isn't exactly a supermassive black hole, but you do need to keep it in check today. It may just be that you can't really tell how far to push things...

Virgo Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

Open yourself to outside influences -- or at least outside opinions. Your good energy is just right for sifting through what other people have to say and the...

Libra Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

Your reputation for generosity may take a hit today -- but not before you think things through carefully. It is almost certainly time for you to protect your...

Scorpio Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

Some old, lovely aspect of yourself that you thought was lost in the sands of time (and maturity) comes back to life in a big way today! Your energy is just ...

Sagittarius Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

Your deep mind is extremely active right now, and you may find that your life is a little weirder as a result. That doesn't mean you're crazy or freaking out...

Capricorn Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

Your personal prestige sees a big boost when a prediction of yours turns out to be correct or you learn that some extra work you've been putting in is just n...

Aquarius Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

It's important for you to feel needed, especially on a day like today. It's a good time to ask your partner what you can do for them or to hook up with a vol...

Pisces Daily Overview for December 13, 2017

You're not feeling all that crazy about some new person or prospect -- and you need to listen to that instinct! Your great spiritual energy helps you cut thr...

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Strange but True

Cigar-shaped object 'could be alien artefact'
Astronomers are to scan a huge cigar-shaped interstellar object for signs of alien life, amid claims it could be some kind of artefact.
Man makes igloo with washing up bowl and snow
A man who built an igloo in his girlfriend's back garden in Worcestershire says he would like to take tips from "real eskimos" to improve his skills.
UK has new highest peak after measurement error
Britain has a new highest mountain after new data showed measurements from old overland surveys were inaccurate.
Microwave cement prankster says he should be fined
A YouTube prankster has been criticised after cementing his head in a microwave - costing a fire service £650 to free him.
Dear hipsters: 'Holy grail' of avocados now on sale
The "holy grail" of avocados has hit store shelves just in time for Christmas.


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel settle their fanny-pack war
Who shall be the true king of the fanny pack? SEE ALSO: 'The Rock' discusses the possibility of running for President in 2020 Dawyne "do-you-even-need-me-to-put-his-wrestling-name-here" Johnson was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night and the two....
Jimmy Fallon's 'Riverdale' has a surprise guest appearance
If there's one show that was made to be parodied, it's Riverdale. It's practically begging for it. And parody it, is exactly what Jimmy Fallon has done. SEE ALSO: Trader Joe's clarifies its Jingle Jangle is not like the drugs from 'Riverdale' "Pea....
Jaime Lannister stars in beautifully disturbing Elf on the Shelf parody
He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. And if you don't start behaving, like, right now, he's going to tell you a long and detailed story about a particularly unpleasant red wedding. SEE ALSO: The 7 accents of 'Game of Thron....

Interesting Things

Intaglio Printing / Duplicating under pressure
For the highest quality large-scale printing possible with current technology, use the technique that carved out a niche for itself in paper currency..
Sea Monkeys / New life for an old fad
Instant life! Just add water! Sea Monkeys are back, but brine shrimp still don't make particularly good pets. Sneaky marketing strikes again..
Fleur de Sel / The last word in gourmet salt
One of the world's rarest and most expensive kinds of salt comes from the sea, but has a very special method of harvesting..

Product Reviews

Twitter's Newest Feature: Multi-Tweet Threads
You can now compose your tweetstorms all at once, and send them out into the world as one contained screed..
You Give Up a Lot of Privacy Just Opening Emails. Here's How to Stop It
Billions of emails are opened every day by people who have never consented to be tracked, but are being tracked nonetheless..
I Can't Stop Drinking Coffee Out of This Temperature-Regulating Mug
The $80 Ember Ceramic Mug keeps 10 ounces of coffee at whatever temperature you want, for as long as you want..

The Onion

The Onion Presents … 
Each year, The Onion faces the daunting task of singling out those individuals who most embody the spirit of the times, and 2017 proved a particularly difficult year in which to do so.Read more....
Doug Jones Thanks Child Bride During Victory Speech
Read more....
Roy Moore Retires From Politics To Spend More Quality Time With Someone's Kid
Read more....

TV & Showbiz

Alina Baikova shows off her figure in skimpy thong bikini
Alina Baikova proved just what caught his eye as she enjoyed a sunny day on Miami Beach in Florida on Tuesday.
James Corden and wife Julia Carey welcome baby daughter
The late night host tweeted the news, revealing both his partner and their new daughter were healthy and happy.
Ruby Rose channels gothic glam at Pitch Perfect 3 premiere
She's currently on the promotional trail for the third installment of Pitch Perfect.
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Hello Headlines

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will spend Christmas with the Queen and other members of the Royal Family
Meghan Markle will join the Queen and other senior members of the royal family for...
The one plant that Meghan Markle will definitely have in her wedding bouquet
Details are being kept strictly under wraps ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's...
Inside Prince William and Kate's last Christmas as a family of four
Prince William and Kate are set for a very special Christmas this year. The Duke and...

International News

Dan Johnson: Kentucky politician says child sexual assault claims are part of smear campaign against Republicans
'I don't think in every case women lie. Not at all,' says Kentucky state representative.
Trump says he didn't think 'Roy Moore would be able to win election' after Alabama defeat
Donald Trump has claimed he never believed failed Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore could win in Alabama, saying the "deck was stacked against him"..
Jerusalem latest: Palestinians will not accept any US role in peace process 'from now on', says Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian leader denounces US' allyship after decision to recognise holy city as Israeli capital and months of mounting pressure to accept terms of an unfavourable peace deal.
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Body & Soul

Jewels for Heroes
  Now, you must read this!  Whilst I climb on my favourite soap box, let’s be straight here. We know how important it is to be positive and brave. However, for those of us who have to say goodbye to a loved one with a dangerous job, each time feel....
The Perfect Ring
The prospect of gift shopping for someone you love can be a tough one. And finding the perfect Mizpah ring can seem impossible. Condensing all of your emotions, love, and hope for the future into a single item is no easy task, and if that could be....
A Mizpah speaks for you
Imagine to be able to convey a message from your heart to a loved one or a friend without having to think twice how to express yourself. Experience an original Gift of Love by Mizpah. Every emotion, every hope, every thought, all condensed into on....

Huffington Post

Huntington's Disease: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment
Huntington’s disease is an inherited illness thought to affect around one in every 10,000 people.The condition, caused by a faulty gene in a person’s DNA, affects the network of nerve tissues in the brain and spinal cord that coordinate the ....
Grandma Accidentally Buys NSFW Baubles Filled With Glitter G-Strings
A woman helping her grandmother decorate for Christmas was shocked to discover her nan’s baubles were filled with racy underwear.Lavender-coloured glitter G-strings, to be precise.My 74 year old grandmother bought Christmas baubles in Dunnes Store....
Mel B Has Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte’s Name Cut Out Of Her Rib Cage Tattoo Leaving Her With 13 Stitches
Mel B has taken drastic measures to cut all ties with her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.The former Spice Girl has had his name cut out of a tattoo she has running down her ribcage, instead of opting for laser surgery or a cover-up inking.The origin....

Buzzfeed Latest

“From The Darkest Corners Of The Criminal Underworld”
Leaked Files Show How FBME Bank Buried A Money Laundering Scandal While Top Law Firms Fought To Keep It In Business View Entire Post ›.
Can You Actually Handle These Really Difficult British Food Decisions?
Bacon sandwich or a chip butty? View Entire Post ›.
BB-8 Bowed To Prince William And Harry At The "Star Wars" Premiere And Nothing Surprises Me Now
Beep bop *bows* View Entire Post ›.

The Daily Beast

Prince William and Harry’s Height Blows Their Cover in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Cameo
Disguised as Stormtroopers, the royal brothers thought they could take a secret role in the new Star Wars movie. But their towering height has given them away..
The Shady Bank Where This Russian NBA Owner Stashed Money
Russian oligarchs loved the bank known as FBME, which operated out of Cyprus and Tanzania. Then the U.S. Treasury forced it to shut down. A confidential document shows why..
Climate Change Needs to Get Worse (So It Can Get Better)
Polar bears starving. California in flames. It’s just not extreme enough yet to persuade today’s deniers to act—and therein lies reason for hope..

Aeon Magazine

Our enemies are human: that’s why we want to kill them
At last count, more than 600,000 of Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority had fled the country for Bangladesh. Ever since Rohingya militants attacked Myanmar police outposts, resulting in a dozen deaths in August 2017, Myanmar security forces have be....
The African Enlightenment
The highest ideals of Locke, Hume and Kant were first proposed more than a century earlier by an Ethiopian in a caveBy Dag HerbjørnsrudRead at Aeon.


Rebel Rose: Ruby Rose on her role in Pitch Perfect 3
She has overcome childhood bullying and depression to become one of Hollywood’s hottest names.
HEALTH: Nature's medicine for sore joints
When financier John Carey, then 35, woke up one night in 2002 with a searing pain in the ball of his left foot, the last thing on his mind was gout
Exclusive interview with megastar singer Anastacia 
After facing cancer twice as well as divorce, ANASTACIA is celebrating the next phase of her life. She reflects on the healing powers of Strictly , turning 50 and being ‘single with a smile’.

TV & Radio News

BBC weather: Matt Taylor reveals REAL reason for Carol Kirkwood's absence

THE BBC weather report was presented by Matt Taylor today who replaced an absent Carol Kirkwood.
This Morning viewers RAGE over benefit mother who spends £2,000 on Christmas presents

THIS MORNING viewers were not happy over one mother who appeared on the show to explain to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby why she spends £2,000 on presents for her children at Christmas.
EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor actor teases DEADLY end to crime plot 'He's in too deep'

DISASTROUS events may be about to unfold in EastEnders as Keanu Taylor actor Danny Walters has revealed danger is afoot during the New Year extravaganza.
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Food & Drink

Eggless Chocolate Mousse
The creamy toffee notes of homemade condensed milk set this recipe apart from the custardy, yolk-rich profile of traditional chocolate mousse. The result is a dark, silky....
Sous Vide Duck Confit
Making duck confit sous vide means two things: no need for buckets of rendered fat, and an insanely silky, fork-tender texture, thanks to precise temperature control. ....
Raspberry-Almond Rugelach
A whisper of orange zest in the dough zings in contrast with the jammy filling studded with nuts. You can substitute any jam, nut, or citrus here—this recipe is like a ro....

New Gadgets

Facebook will no longer always divert international advertising revenue to Ireland
 Facebook today said it is shifting to a “local selling structure” in countries outside the U.S. That means that rather than directly route its revenue to its international headquarters in Dublin, local policymakers and governments will potentiall....
Apple’s iMac Pro arrives December 14, starting at $4,999
 It seems like forever ago that Apple first teased the iMac Pro, the souped up, professional grade version of its all-in-one. Announced back at WWDC, the company promised the computer would arrive sometime in December, and in spite a few months of....
Apple’s App Store now lets you pre-order iOS apps and games before they launch
 Apple has quietly allowed developers to make their apps available for pre-order. It’s a basic feature — as Android fanatics will point out — but nevertheless one that has been missing from the App Store. Upcoming apps will now be allowed to list ....
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Time Magazine Entertainment

Harry Styles Hosts the Late Late Show After James Corden’s Wife Gives Birth
Styles and Corden have frequently collaborated together on the late night show.
These 25 Movies Were Just Added to the National Film Registry
'Titanic', 'Dumbo' and 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' have all been included.
Netflix Fires Exec Who Told One of Danny Masterson’s Alleged Victims ‘We Don’t Believe’ the Rape Claims
A Netflix spokesperson said Andy Yeatman, a kids’ programming executive, was "no longer employed" at the company.

Book & Film Reviews

Militants & Military: Pakistan’s Unholy Alliance
Admitting extremist Islamists into the electoral process—groups that have not reconciled with the state and do not subscribe to the constitution or to democracy itself—will pave the way for an even more deadly cycle of violence. If a small fringe group can force the resignation of the justice minister for not being religious enough, Pakistan’s f...
Bulldozing the Peace Process in Israel
When Netanyahu claims, as he did recently, that Israel’s situation has never been better, he means, in part, that in his own mind he has smashed the Palestinian national movement once and for all. I have no doubt that this has been his goal all along. Indeed, Palestinians in the occupied territories are worn out, demoralized, fenced into small d...
Rome on the Hudson
The apparently hedonistic culture that emerged before World War I was a muddle of flagrant gestures toward personal liberation and subtle new forms of social coercion. Early-twentieth-century American society was on the verge of a reshuffling of values and power relations in which the rich would come out just fine. And New York City was where th...