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Sir Roger Moore dead: James Bond star dies aged 89 after battle with cancer

SIR ROGER MOORE, famed as James Bond, has died at the age of 89, his family have confirmed.
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My Horoscope

Aries Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

Now is the time for you to get started on something new and big -- maybe a new business partnership? Whatever it is, you should find that things go swimmingl...

Taurus Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

You're having a fun, relaxed time of it today, and should find that your presence does wonders for your people. It's a great day for you to step up and ensur...

Gemini Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

Today is busier than ever for you -- and you are having a blast! It's a great day to move through work projects with great speed, clean house or get a date w...

Cancer Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

Your home, always important to you, is highlighted today. Spend extra time there, come up with new ways to ensure harmony and see if your roommates or family...

Leo Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

Try to reach out today -- your social energy is useless if you don't bother to use it! It's a good day for crafting new messages or meeting new people, but y...

Virgo Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

A big talk needs to happen today, and you are almost certainly the only one willing to broach the subject. The good news is that it doesn't have to be uncomf...

Libra Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

Make sure that your life is beautiful today. Every aspect needs to work well with every other aspect, and your amazing energy can help to make sure it all fl...

Scorpio Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

You find it harder to get a handle on that idea -- or that one person -- you need to understand. It's a sign that you need to back off for now, as deeper wis...

Sagittarius Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

You are feeling much more in tune with the big picture today -- whether that means at work, in the community or even spiritually. Use this new insight to mak...

Capricorn Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

Even if you feel somewhat behind on your regular work, today is perfect for starting new things. If you need to launch that project sooner or later, now is r...

Aquarius Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

You stumble into some cultural phenomenon from far away that makes you happy inside -- and might kindle a desire to explore more. It could be a festival or a...

Pisces Daily Overview for May 23, 2017

Lend your assistance to those who need it most today -- it could be homeless children or wounded veterans, but your energy is best spent in the service of ot...

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Strange but True

Sinkhole opens up in front of Trump's estate
A sinkhole has opened up in front of Donald Trump's Florida beachside estate, Mar-a-Lago.
Dutch king's double life as an airline pilot
The king of the Netherlands has revealed he has been living a secret double life as a co-pilot for a commercial airline.
Buzz off! Bee swarm sparks London standstill
A giant swarm of bees brought rush-hour traffic to a standstill and sent onlookers ducking for cover in southeast London.
Land Rover sinks in sand 'as driver takes photos'
A man who was reportedly attempting to take photographs of his Land Rover by the sea got into trouble when the car started to sink into the sand.
China: Sing the anthem - but only at this speed
China has already banned its national anthem from being belted out at weddings and funerals – but now, even more restrictions are on the way.


How Facebook's leaked guidelines could make a big difference in preventing suicide
Until just a few days ago, only Facebook staff and insiders knew the details of the company's controversial moderation policies.  Now, whether Facebook likes it or not, those guidelines have been thrust into the spotlight by the Guardian, which le....
Uber underpaid its New York City drivers and probably owes them $45 million
Another day, another Uber scandal: Uber underpaid its New York City drivers for two-and-a-half years and probably owes them "tens of millions," according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.  The ride-hailing giant took a higher cut of drivers'....
Pete Souza shares adorable, perfectly-timed photo of the Obamas
A picture is worth 1,000 words, unless Pete Souza is posting it ... then it's worth 1,000 words, a flood of beautiful nostalgia, some laughter, a few tears of joy, and a glorious heap of shade. Obama's former White House photographer has become so....

Interesting Things

Complaints Choirs / Setting the world's problems to music
Around the world, choral ensembles have formed for the express purpose of singing litanies of complaints. The result is surprisingly satisfying to listen to..
Snow Crusts / A few words about the surface of snow
Are there really dozens of Eskimo words for snow? Maybe or maybe not, depending on how you look at it. But there are definitely at least eight English terms for "snow crust.".
A Perfect Baguette / Daily bread as it was intended to be
The best place to buy a fresh, perfectly made baguette is Paris. And of the many fine bakeries in Paris, one with a particularly fine reputation is La Flûte Gana..

Product Reviews

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The Onion

Rookie First Baseman Nervous To Chat With Baserunners
ATLANTA—Noting how important it is to make a good first impression, Pittsburgh Pirates rookie first baseman Josh Bell told reporters before Tuesday’s game against the Atlanta Braves that he’s still nervous about chatting with oppo....
We’re Running Out Of Time If We Still Want To Kill And Eat Jane Goodall
There’s something I’ve been meaning to bring up for a while now. I know we’ve talked about it over the years, but we’ve let ourselves get sidetracked from it for too long, and to be honest, the clock is ticking. If we don’t want t....
God Wedges Another Cherub Beneath Leg To Level Wobbly Throne
THE HEAVENS—Upon discovering His shining celestial throne had again begun to wobble beneath Him, God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, reportedly attempted to level it out Tuesday by shoving another cherub under one of its ....

TV & Showbiz

James Bond legend Roger Moore dies aged 89 from cancer
The Bond legend's family revealed that the actor died after a 'short but brave' battle with cancer in Switzerland. In a statement, relatives said he was 'surrounded' by love in his final days.
Late Carrie Fisher joins Star Wars cast for magazine shoot
Vanity Fair have released four Star Wars covers, celebrating 40 years of the hugely successful film franchise - one of which stars the late Carrie Fisher.
Manchester bomb: Miley Cyrus wants to hug Ariana Grande
The chart-topping pop star has admitted to feeling 'broken' following the tragic events in Manchester, North West England. It has led Ariana to indefinitely postponed her world tour.
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Hello Headlines

The Queen holds minute's silence at palace garden party following Manchester bombing
The Queen's garden party started on a sombre note as the monarch and her family held a...
Sir Roger Moore dies aged 89
Sir Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89, his family has announced. His three...
Celebrities pay tribute to Roger Moore after beloved James Bond star passes away
Tributes are pouring in for Sir Roger Moore after the James Bond star's family revealed...

International News

Black man jailed for a murder he did not commit will be released after 24 years
He had an alibi from the start but his attorneys failed to convince the jury.
Former CIA chief 'aware of intelligence revealing contact between Russian officials and Trump campaign members'
John Brennan testifies in open Congressional hearing.
The only real way to stop atrocities like the Manchester attack is to end the wars which allow extremism to grow
To end these wars, there needs to be political compromise between main players like Iran and Saudi Arabia, and Donald Trump's belligerent rhetoric this week makes this almost impossible to achieve.
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Body & Soul

Love Conquers Any Distance
The bond that only sincere love can create between two people is the strongest and most beautiful force on earth because it is an  unbreakable emotional and spiritual connection that makes even a vast distance seem like nothing at all. Time too is....
Two Souls, One Destiny
True Love is Forever ✯ Two Souls, One Destiny. Here comes the latest from our Facebook page for all of you who are not yet on Facebook. We here at do not just believe in mythical love everlasting, no, we actually know for sure that eter....
Meaningful Mizpah
Sometimes I stop and look at my personal Mizpah locket, only to realise the magnificent, beautiful wisdom and the spiritual reassurance it weaves, over and over again. It grounds me. Anchors my soul. Because you see, it’s not about the material  j....

Huffington Post

'Extremists Cannot Win' - Dad Gives Harrowing Account Of Manchester Attack
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Birmingham Vigil For Manchester Bombing Victims Interrupted By Axe-Wielding Man
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Poet Tony Walsh Delivers Stunning Ode To Manchester At Vigil For Bombing Victims
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Buzzfeed Latest

Are You More Kate Or Pippa Middleton?
You’re either royalty or you’re not..
I Found My Voice As A Writer In Justin Timberlake Fan Fiction
Simone Noronha for BuzzFeed News At 13 years old, there was one thing I knew for sure: If ever I were to meet Justin Timberlake, it would have to be under the pretense that I wasn’t a fan.Trust, I’d given it a lot of thought. Imagining a....
Netflix Tweeted A Video Of Cole Sprouse Eating A Burger And It's Sensual AF
I renounced my vegetarianism 15 seconds in. In the original Archie comics, Jughead was an asexual goofball who ate everything in sight. He scarfed down hamburgers like every other page. MLJ Magazines / Via img.photobu....

The Daily Beast

How President John F. Kennedy Invented the Modern Press Conference
His press secretary would suggest to a reporter, “If you ask the president this question, you’ll get an interesting answer.”.
Trump’s Flying Circus and Peacemaking Medicine Show Leaves Israel Wanting More
He came, he saw, he confused, but the American president still has a lot of hopeful fans in Israel. They think he’s their guy..
Ex-CIA Boss Has 'Unresolved Questions' About Russians Co-opting Team Trump
Did the president’s men do Moscow’s bidding during the 2016 campaign? The former Director of Central Intelligence says he still isn’t sure..

Aeon Magazine

Beast of man
‘There’s a warrior spirit in us.’Located near the small western Oklahoma city of Sayre, the Camp of Champions is an evangelical Christian rodeo Bible camp for ages six to 17. The short documentary Beast of Man follows the all-boys version of the t....
Polar bears need to be fat, and they can’t be without sea ice
Humans are inquisitive and innovative, with an indisputable talent for problem-solving. So when we read about how polar bears are threatened by melting sea ice, it’s natural for us to wonder: perhaps they can learn to adapt to life on land? After ....
Who names diseases?
Swine Flu, Naples Soldier, Ebola. Disease names express fear, create stigma and distract attention. Can they be improved?By Laura SpinneyRead at Aeon.


Real lives: ‘I was told that the world outside was evil’
Rebecca Stott spent just the first six years of her childhood in the Exclusive Brethren, a fundamentalist and reclusive Christian sect, but its influence has taken a lifetime to escape
Super skin secrets
I’ve seen hundreds of clients with many different skin issues, yet the ones with the most problematic complexions are those living with the most stress.
Become the number-one grandparent
Overlooked at Christmas, ‘squeezed in’ at family events, with months going by between visits to grandchildren… Anna Moore finds out why even loyal grandparents can end up sidelined.

TV & Radio News

Manchester bombing: Piers Morgan clashes with Coronation Street stars over terror attack

PIERS MORGAN found himself having a debate with Coronation Street's Sally Dynevor and Connie Hyde during an emotional interview on Good Morning Britain today.
Emmerdale spoiler: Lawrence White exit REVEALED after actor’s shock outburst over AXE?

EMMERDALE had a Carry On makeover tonight as Debbie and Charity Dingle took centre stage in a bizarre car heist.
Pointless contestants suffer EPIC FAIL in brutal final round: 'First time I've seen that'

POINTLESS suffered a monumental fail during tonight's episode of the BBC One quiz show.
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Food & Drink

Classic Crab-Packed Maryland Crab Cakes
Real Maryland crab cakes are all about the pure indulgence of crab, with as little filler and breading as possible to get in the way. Here's how to make them so that they....
Pasta Primavera (Pasta With Spring Vegetables)
Combining a mixture of bright spring produce and a light but creamy sauce, pasta primavera is the ideal dish for a warm May evening. Get Recipe! .
Spring Vegetable and Arugula Salad With Labne and Cucumbers
Come spring, it helps to keep the fridge stocked with the season's best produce, already blanched and chilled and at the ready. Here we combine sweet peas, grassy asparag....

New Gadgets

Apple names Denise Young Smith as VP of diversity and inclusion
 In a not-so-surprising move, Apple has appointed Denise Young Smith as its first-ever head of diversity and inclusion. Smith previously served as head of worldwide human resources at Apple for three years, and has been involved in diversity progr....
Chinese trio carve up a quarter of global smartphone sales in Q1: Gartner
 The global smartphone market grew 9.1 per cent in the first quarter of this year, according to Gartner’s latest stats, and growth is being driven by a trio of Chinese device makers. Read More.
Apple and Nokia bury patent hatchet
 Well that didn’t last long. A fresh patent spat between Nokia and Apple which fired up at the back end of last year when Cupertino accused the former world number one mobile maker of making like a patent troll appears to have been resolved alread....
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Time Magazine Entertainment

We Ranked the 40 Greatest Star Wars Moments
From Yoda's wisdom to Vader's rage, these are the most influential and memorable beats of a 40-year-old franchise.
How The Mummy Sets Up a Massive New Monster Movie Franchise
It's called the 'Dark Universe'.
Justin Bieber Asks His Fans to Put Down the Phones and ‘Be Normal for a Second’ In This Video
Justin Bieber has long had a complicated relationship with the voracious fandom that follows him everywhere and records his every move. His zealous supporters launched him into superstardom, but sometimes, the “Love Yourself” singer just wants to ....

Book & Film Reviews

More Dangerous Than Trump
On May 20, Jeff Sessions completed his first hundred days as attorney general. His record thus far shows a determined effort to dismantle the Justice Department’s protections of civil rights and civil liberties. Reversing course from the Obama Justice Department on virtually every front, he is seeking to return us not just to the pre-Obama era b...
A Better Way to Choose Presidents
The most obvious rationale for reforming the Electoral College is to make it conform to the principle of “one citizen, one vote.” The Electoral College under current rules violates this principle; a vote by a Californian doesn’t count the same as one by an Ohioan. A number of readers have pointed out, however, that there is a more subtle reason ...
The Achievement of Chinua Achebe
Chinua Achebe found a way to represent for a global Anglophone audience the diction of his Igbo homeland, allowing readers of English elsewhere to experience a particular relationship to language and the world in a way that made it seem quite natural—transparent, one might almost say. A measure of his achievement is that Achebe found an African ...