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Garden star reveals cancer fight on TV

GARDENERS’ World host Rachel de Thame stunned viewers when she revealed live on television that she is battling breast cancer.
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Today's Horoscope

Aries Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

Your regard for your mate or coworker makes all the difference today. Basic respect gets you much farther than anything else right now, and it's easier than ...

Taurus Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

Pay closer attention to your health today -- not that you're in serious danger. It's just a good time for you to get that check-up or to start something new ...

Gemini Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

It's a good day for you -- your energy levels are peaking, and you feel better about those weird recent events. See if you can push ahead toward something ev...

Cancer Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

Divergent ideas don't always have to lead to conflict, as you learn today. It may be that two groups split apart at work and go their own ways, or that you a...

Leo Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

Your need for action is equaled only by your manic energy, so get down to business! As long as you keep busy, you are sure to find that things go your way. M...

Virgo Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

It is a good time for a major purchase -- preferably one shared with another. Your ability to invest wisely requires more input than usual, so discussing it ...

Libra Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

You are getting just the right kind of attention from just the right kinds of people today, so make the most of it! Whether you want a date, a new job or a n...

Scorpio Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

You're feeling a bit helpless today, but not so much that you want to give up. Far from it -- you just see that today is better spent marshaling resources an...

Sagittarius Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

Easy laughter follows you everywhere today. You may be cracking little jokes or cracking yourself up over nothing at all, but it's good fun -- and great for ...

Capricorn Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

You don't usually have a problem with authority, no matter which end of it you find yourself on. Today, though, things feel a little backward and you may reb...

Aquarius Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

Even if your best friend is in tears, you're somewhat distracted by personal issues today. There's a bright side, though -- you should dream up an elegant so...

Pisces Daily Overview for May 25, 2018

Debt may be a problem today -- though it's not necessarily your debt that is making life weird. See if you can get your mate to address their issues, or find...

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Strange but True

Loch Ness Monster search: DNA tests in lake
The mystery of the Loch Ness Monster has baffled scientists for decades but could a new search finally reveal the truth?
Nando's distances itself from Tory discount claim
Nando's has distanced itself from suggestions the Conservatives could offer party members a discount at the chain's restaurants.
Don't mention the... pub's 'swear box' for nuptials
Those who are sick of the royal wedding may find solace in a Derby pub, which has banned all mention of the nuptials on Saturday.
Laurel or Yanny? Audio has internet in a spin
It's the biggest social media debate since "the dress": is a robot voice saying "Laurel" or "Yanny"?
'Hero' lands plane after co-pilot sucked through window
A pilot who made an emergency landing after his co-pilot was partially sucked through their broken cockpit window has been hailed a hero.


The 'Arrested Development' actors prove men in Hollywood learned nothing
The family drama around the Arrested Development cast continues to unfold. And like kids caught in the crossfire of feuding parents, it hurts to watch.  We've heard countless bad takes on #MeToo from Hollywood men. But this one feels personal. And....
Cities scramble to contain the flood of e-scooters
The motorized scooters arrived with a vengeance—but cities including San Francisco are putting up a fight. The city is forcing all scooters off the road as it implements a new permit program for the vehicles.  Beyond the Bay Area, other large citi....
It just got easier to share locations with friends on Snapchat
When Snap Maps launched last June, some privacy concerns were raised. But the company had the right idea, turning off sharing with all for everyone by default. Today, Snapchat is providing an update to Snap Maps that I wish had been included earli....

Interesting Things

The Coelacanth
An ancient fish, previously known only from fossils more than 65 million years old, turns up alive in 1938, only to become endangered again..
Towel Day
Today we honor the memory of Douglas Adams, who taught us how to see the wonders of the galaxy for fewer than thirty Altairian dollars per day. Tip number one: always know where your towel is..
Furlongs Per Fortnight
Engineers with a sense of humor use the expression "furlongs per fortnight" when the correct unit of measurement is unclear. But there may be a practical use for this odd unit of measurement, too..

Product Reviews

Gadget Lab Podcast: The Very Human Element of Self-Driving Cars
WIRED’s Alex Davies and Aarian Marshall join this week’s Gadget Lab podcast to talk all things transportation–and yes, that includes Elon Musk..
3 Laptops Powerful Enough to Take Your Gaming On the Go
Don’t leave your latest gaming obsession at your desk. With these powerful laptops, you can level up wherever, whenever..
What to Think About Before Buying a Used Smartphone
New isn’t always better, but there are three key things to consider before you take the pre-owned plunge..

The Onion

Yankees Fans Pack Stadium For Asshole Heritage Night
NEW YORK—Selling out the entire venue and filling the standing room to capacity, thousands of fans flocked to Yankee Stadium Friday to proudly celebrate asshole heritage night. “Today, we honor the contributions and history of the many jackasses w....
Heartbreaking: This Guy’s Uncle Is Racist But Not Quite Racist Enough For Him To Get Any Viral Content Out Of It
Fellow liberal activists, get ready to feel for this guy, because he’s living out any #Resistance member’s absolute nightmare: His uncle is racist, but not quite racist enough for him to get any viral content out of it.Read more....
Hollywood Producer Can’t Help But Think About How Much Money He Could Make Off Movie About Harvey Weinstein Scandal
LOS ANGELES—Noting the interest generated by the extensive television coverage of Harvey Weinstein’s arraignment on sexual assault charges, Hollywood producer Jeff Moss admitted Friday that he can’t stop thinking about the giant pile of money he c....

TV & Showbiz

Alexa Chung shows off her edgy style in metallic silver suit as for Dior Couture show
Alexa Chung was showing her typically quirky sense of style on Friday as she rocked a metallic silver suit to sit front row at the Christian Dior Couture S/S 19 Cruise Collection Show in Chantilly, France.
Coronation Street star Alex Bain's, 16, girlfriend, 16, 'announces her pregnancy'
Coronation Street star Alex Bain, 16, is expecting a child with his teenage girlfriend Levi Selby, also 16, who is 12 weeks pregnant and revealed she was with child by sharing a photo of her ultrasound.
Paris Jackson dazzles in colourful knitted dress and scarlet heels in Paris
Paris Jackson was every inch the superstar as she made a dazzling entrance to the Christian Dior Couture S/S19 Cruise Collection in Chantilly, France on Friday.
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Hello Headlines

The big sign that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on honeymoon
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are believed to be on their honeymoon, after having to...
Meghan Markle's coat of arms has been revealed
Kensington Palace have revealed Meghan Markle's very own Coat of Arms. The design...
Meghan Markle's profile on Kensington Palace website changed  
The new Duchess of Sussex's official royal page on Kensington Palace's website has...

International News

Irish abortion referendum - LIVE: Exit polls suggest 'Yes' vote has won in 68% landslide
Latest news and discussion as Ireland decides on more to lift ban on abortion.
National Sorry Day: How Australia apologises to the Aborigines for the wrongs of the past
Indigenous people honoured as country commemorates Stolen Generation.
Irish referendum exit polls: Abortion set to be decriminalised in Ireland after crushing win for Yes vote
Yes campaign on course for historic victory by landslide margin, surveys suggests.
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Body & Soul

Jewels for Heroes
  Now, you must read this!  Whilst I climb on my favourite soap box, let’s be straight here. We know how important it is to be positive and brave. However, for those of us who have to say goodbye to a loved one with a dangerous job, each time feel....
The Perfect Ring
The prospect of gift shopping for someone you love can be a tough one. And finding the perfect Mizpah ring can seem impossible. Condensing all of your emotions, love, and hope for the future into a single item is no easy task, and if that could be....
A Mizpah speaks for you
Imagine to be able to convey a message from your heart to a loved one or a friend without having to think twice how to express yourself. Experience an original Gift of Love by Mizpah. Every emotion, every hope, every thought, all condensed into on....

Huffington Post

This Photo Helped A Girl With Spina Bifida See The Beauty Of Her Scar
Emilia had never properly seen the scar on her back, the result of an operation she underwent as a baby. So the six-year-old was not going to pass up an opportunity to finally get a good look at the mark she is so proud of, as it makes her a ....
How To Cope When Your Partner Becomes Your Carer
I’m one of the lucky ones. I married my best friend.There is no one who makes me laugh more. He is the first person to tell me ‘if anyone can do it you can’....even if what I’m suggesting is utterly ridiculous. He supports me in every decisi....
Labour's Response To Salisbury Has Been Unsurprising
Slow stirrings but we are finally there. Russian imperialism that has often been nothing more than a nostalgic yearning for a return to the days of Soviet Union is now being realised by Britain.The probability of Putin being behind the chemical we....

Buzzfeed Latest

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Ireland's Abortion Referendum
Here's Everything You Need To Know About Ireland's Abortion Referendum View Entire Post ›.
Meet The Irish People Who Have Travelled Home To Vote In The Abortion Referendum
"I know people who have had to travel the other way so it’s our turn to make the effort." View Entire Post ›.
Ireland's Abortion Rights Campaign Says It's Picking Up Support Even In The Most Conservative County
“A Yes vote here is a Yes vote nationally. We’re optimistic.” View Entire Post ›.

The Daily Beast

Drake Unloads on Kanye West and Pusha T With Savage Diss Track ‘Duppy Freestyle’
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastThe opening salvo in the latest petty piss-off between rap millionaires was fired by Pusha T, whose track “Infrared,” the closing number off his latest album Daytona, threw shade at fellow rh....
The Shop That Spawned 78 Trump Tattoos
Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast“Hey Google, play country music on Spotify.” On cue, music started and Bob Holmes settled into tracing a black, white, and blue butterfly design for Crystal Goutheir, of Amesbury, Massachusetts. This is Crystal’s third ....
How Many Uncounted Victims Did the Manson Gang Kill?
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastA new generation of followers has been exposed to Manson ideology through the work of his closest associates outside prison, whom he called Star Manson and Gray Wolf.Star, aka Afton Elaine Bu....

Aeon Magazine

Underground circuit
New York City’s legendary, and recently much-beleaguered, subway is one of the largest, oldest and most heavily trafficked urban commuter systems in the world. In her collage video Underground Circuit, the Chinese-born, Chicago-based artist Yuge Z....
Teleological behaviourism or what it means to imagine a lion
Jill is born with a normal visual system. Green light activates the same mechanism in her brain as it does in all normal people; ditto for red. However, her twin brother Jack is born with the connections crossed so that green light activates his ‘....


TV & Radio News

The madness of King Lear

EACH time acting royalty Sir Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson have performed together, they’ve produced movie magic. The acclaimed film Howards End won Emma an Oscar, and the following year, reunited in The Remains Of The Day , the pair produced another set of mesmerising performances, which won Hopkins a BAFTA.
EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon’s terrifying secret finally EXPOSED by Hayley Slater 

EASTENDERS viewers finally discovered the real reason why Kat Moon had fled from Spain and returned to Walford without her husband Alfie Moon or any of her children. 
Coronation Street spoilers: Josh Tucker to ATTACK Ayla Nazir? Fans are VERY concerned 

CORONATION STREET fans have expressed concern over character Ayla Nazir’s safety after tonight’s episode, which saw Josh Tucker become manipulative.
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Food & Drink

Extra-Crispy Fried Chicken With Caramelized Honey and Spice
This fried chicken is coated with a layer of super light, extra crunchy craggy-ness thanks to a tight packing of fine 00 flour coupled with a low-temperature shallow fry.....
German Buttercream (Whipped Vanilla Custard Frosting)
This old-school frosting combines whipped butter with a thick vanilla custard, which gives it flavor, sweetness, and stability all at the same time. While it tastes like ....
Old-Fashioned Artichokes à la Barigoule With Mushrooms
Artichokes à la barigoule is one of the most famous springtime vegetable dishes from Provence, France. It's most commonly made by braising artichokes in white wine and ol....

New Gadgets

Apple will add government App Store takedown requests to transparency reports
Apple’s set to up the ante with its transparency report. The same day it dropped the latest version of the twice-yearly document, the company committed to including in future updates government takedown requests for the App Store. The report cover....
Google’s Duo and Cisco’s Webex Teams among the VoIP apps pulled from the China App Store
Earlier this week, it came to light that Apple had removed a number of VoIP-based calling apps from the App Store, at the request of the Chinese government. The apps had been using CallKit, Apple’s new developer toolset that provides the calling i....
Jury finds Samsung owes Apple $539M in patent case stretching back to 2011
A patent case that began back in 2011 has reached a conclusion, with Samsung ordered to pay about $539 million to Apple over infringements of the latter's patents in devices that are now long gone. The case has dragged on for years as both sides a....
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Time Magazine Entertainment

All the New Original Movies You Can Stream on Netflix This Summer
From zombie survival thrillers to quaint British period dramas.
Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian Is the Best Part of Solo
The ending of Solo, the newest Star Wars spinoff, makes it pretty clear that is planning a sequel—or even multiple sequels—about the swaggering smuggler’s early days. Which is fine. Just please let one of those movies be a Lando Calrissian spinoff....
There’s a Surprise Cameo in Solo. Here’s What It Means for Future Star Wars Spinoffs
Major Solo spoilers ahead.

Book & Film Reviews

How Best to Read Auto-Fiction
In 1887, Tolstoy went back to fiction and wrote The Kreutzer Sonata. In that novella, a man who holds exactly Tolstoy’s extreme views on sex (that it is utterly disgusting), and whose courtship and marriage in every way described corresponds to the author’s own biography, kills his wife in a fit of jealousy when he assumes (probably wrongly) tha...
In Their Own Worlds
In recent decades, a tale unfolding within the larger story of contemporary art has been our gradually learning more about, and our trying to place, outsider artists. Problems begin at once, with the label. It is a description that many remain ambivalent about, and often believe should be put in quotation marks, to indicate its tentativeness. Th...
My Boot Camp in Corrective Democracy
Teaching a course on “Facts/Alternative Facts: Media in America from Tocqueville to Trump,” I created an exercise I called “Tweeting Nietzsche.” It would be our touchstone throughout the term, a reminder that to speak of facts is to speak of language—Nietzsche’s “mobile army of metaphor, metonym, and anthropomorphism”—and that journalists who in...