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Kelly Brook Instagram: Busty bombshell teases followers with sizzling hot throwback

KELLY BROOK challenged her 869,000 Instagram followers to guess her age as she flashed the flesh in a sizzling throwback picture earlier today.
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Today's Horoscope

Aries Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

If you've been thinking about getting a new phone or diving into some new pool of techno-geekery, today is the perfect day to go for it. You're totally in to...

Taurus Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

You're feeling somewhat indecisive, which is unusual for you. See if you can get your friends or family to help you with the issue you're grappling with toda...

Gemini Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

Big ideas come more easily to you and those around you for most of the day. It's a really good time for brainstorming and other collaborative techniques, but...

Cancer Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

You're having a hard time telling who's in charge today -- there are so many competing voices, it's hard to say which of them is the best one to listen to. Y...

Leo Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

Your friends need you to understand a few things, so make sure that you're really paying attention. It's a good day to ring people up and ask for advice, act...

Virgo Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

Today's outcomes really boil down to your attitudes -- and your willingness to work hard to bring your vision to life. If you feel good about life, you need ...

Libra Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

You need to talk up all the new business that has been going on today -- and others should be willing to chat along with you. Your great social energy makes ...

Scorpio Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

You should play it safe today -- taking risks isn't in the cards for you, as it were. Gambling may be fun, but make sure you only stake as much as you're wil...

Sagittarius Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

There is quite a lot going on today, but you can keep up with it all. Your energy is just right for multitasking or crossing stuff off your list, so get down...

Capricorn Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

Idle chatter is off the table today, though it may be that you've got to deal with folks who haven't yet gotten that memo. Try not to be rude, but make it cl...

Aquarius Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

Dream up some new way to tell people what's going on today -- there's no reason to be boring and direct. Your great social energy means you can get people to...

Pisces Daily Overview for March 22, 2018

You thought you knew exactly what was going on -- but it turns out that your ideas were a little mismatched with reality. It all comes down today, so expect ...

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Strange but True

Shot of cognac sells in London bar for £10k
A shot of cognac has sold in a London bar for £10,014, setting a new world record.
Ocean-going robot fish blends in with aquatic life
Scientists have developed a soft robotic fish that they can control with sound to swim beside real fish in the ocean.
Why are Britons miserable on Happiness Day?
Most Britons are not happy to be living in their own country and are open to an overseas move, according to research.
Man caught with Homer Simpson licence in Milton Keynes
Perhaps the driver thought he would never be stopped. Or that traffic officers do not watch The Simpsons. Or that Homer Simpson really does live in Milton Ke...
North Pole branch of Blockbuster to close
It's not the final video rental store to shut its doors.


Save 20% on select Amazon devices today
If you've been curious about how Alexa can improve your life, then today is the day to give her a shot. Amazon is currently holding a sale, knocking 20% off select Alexa-enabled Amazon devices to get you started. SEE ALSO: Amazon daily deals for M....
Thursday's best deals: Star Wars AR headsets, Xbox One consoles, 20% off Amazon Echo devices, and more
Raise your hand if you enjoy getting out of bed. ... Yeah, no. Thankfully, today's deals are all about not getting out of bed for as long as possible. Alexa is here to help with almost any request you have, from ordering food to playing baby makin....
Zooheads are 3D-printed shower heads in the shape of animals, and they're seriously *so* cool
Unless you have one of those super fancy, full-body shower systems, we're gonna bet that your daily scrub up is a pretty boring task. Increase your a.m. excitement with one of these funky shower heads by Zooheads ($29.95), which have just hit the ....

Interesting Things

New Orleans Cemeteries / Cities of the dead
Caskets buried underground in New Orleans had the nasty habit of floating back up to the surface. So cemeteries were built aboveground, with reusable tombs that act as ovens..
Gumbo / The one good thing about okra
Okra may have a reputation as a slimy and unappetizing (to some) vegetable, but it works wonderfully as a thickener for the spicy soup that's a staple of Cajun cuisine..
Non-Human Farmers / Animal agriculture
Several different animal species, including insects, fish, and even snails, grow their own fungus for food in what appears to be an organized farming effort..

Product Reviews

Instagram Announces You'll Soon See "Newer" Posts In Your Feed
What users really want is a chronological feed, but today's announcement is at least an acknowledgement that not everything about the algorithmic timeline is working..
Best Travel Apps: Signal, Sitata, Haven, SaferVPN, Mobile Passport, FoneTrac
Floods. Thieves. Hackers. Tackle any situation abroad with these mobile assistants..
See the Bike Cyclist Lael Wilcox Uses to Ride 20,000 Miles a Year
Lael Wilcox pedals a distance nearly equal to a trip around the globe every 12 months..

The Onion

American People Admit Having Facebook Data Stolen Kind Of Worth It To Watch That Little Fucker Squirm
CHICAGO—Saying it was ultimately a small price to pay in exchange for the splendid spectacle that has followed, millions of Americans admitted Thursday that they didn’t really mind having their Facebook data stolen if it meant getting to watch tha....
Classically Trained Actor Can Talk On Cue
NEW YORK—Saying that he was able to draw upon a lifetime of dramatic study to achieve the desired effect, classically trained actor Alan Viccellio told reporters Thursday that he could talk on cue. “After years of practice, someone can just point ....
Damning Evidence Shows Actor Al Jolson Wearing Blackface
BURBANK, CA—In a revelation that many are saying will tarnish his widely celebrated legacy, sources confirmed Thursday that damning footage recently obtained from Warner Bros. Pictures shows stage and film star Al Jolson wearing blackface. “It’s u....

TV & Showbiz

Jade Goody's grave site is a poignant reminder of the late star
Paying tribute to the reality star, who passed away aged 27, was her husband Jack Tweed who shared a trio of images of the star alongside the caption: 'Nine years ago today Jade left us'
Jennifer Aniston, 49, has 'barely spoken' to Justin Theroux, 46
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their split earlier this year and have not been seen together since. And UsWeekly is claiming that the actors have 'rarely spoken' since split.
Drew Barrymore ranks Jake Gyllenhaal her least talented co-star
The Santa Clarita Diet actress starred opposite Academy Award nominee Jake in 2001's cult classic Donnie Darko.
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Hello Headlines

Who will star on Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway without Ant? Line-up revealed
The line-up for next weekend's Saturday Night Takeaway has been revealed, in what will...
Kate starts maternity leave – and will be off until autumn
The Duchess of Cambridge has officially started her maternity leave and will not be...
Prince Charles follows in Prince William and Kate's footsteps - yes you heard right!
Prince Charles has taken after his eldest son and daughter-in-law Prince William and Kate...

International News

Congress races to pass $1.3 trillion spending bill to avert government shutdown
Along with a $80bn increase in military spending, the largest in 15 years, the measure allocates money toward infrastructure improvements and fighting Russian election hacking.
Syrians stream out of Eastern Ghouta as Assad army warns 'death is coming' to those who stay behind
Besieged neighbourhood appears set to fall, as Assad himself visits the Damascus suburb.
Congress formally asks Mark Zuckerberg to testify after Facebook CEO said he would be 'happy' to
Elected officials in both America and the UK have called on the Facebook CEO to testify amid the Cambridge Analytica data controversy.
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Body & Soul

Jewels for Heroes
  Now, you must read this!  Whilst I climb on my favourite soap box, let’s be straight here. We know how important it is to be positive and brave. However, for those of us who have to say goodbye to a loved one with a dangerous job, each time feel....
The Perfect Ring
The prospect of gift shopping for someone you love can be a tough one. And finding the perfect Mizpah ring can seem impossible. Condensing all of your emotions, love, and hope for the future into a single item is no easy task, and if that could be....
A Mizpah speaks for you
Imagine to be able to convey a message from your heart to a loved one or a friend without having to think twice how to express yourself. Experience an original Gift of Love by Mizpah. Every emotion, every hope, every thought, all condensed into on....

Huffington Post

This Photo Helped A Girl With Spina Bifida See The Beauty Of Her Scar
Emilia had never properly seen the scar on her back, the result of an operation she underwent as a baby. So the six-year-old was not going to pass up an opportunity to finally get a good look at the mark she is so proud of, as it makes her a ....
How To Cope When Your Partner Becomes Your Carer
I’m one of the lucky ones. I married my best friend.There is no one who makes me laugh more. He is the first person to tell me ‘if anyone can do it you can’....even if what I’m suggesting is utterly ridiculous. He supports me in every decisi....
Labour's Response To Salisbury Has Been Unsurprising
Slow stirrings but we are finally there. Russian imperialism that has often been nothing more than a nostalgic yearning for a return to the days of Soviet Union is now being realised by Britain.The probability of Putin being behind the chemical we....

Buzzfeed Latest

This Man's Gun-Loving Friends Were Kicked Off Facebook. So He Started Gunbook
This Man's Gun-Loving Friends Were Kicked Off Facebook. So He Started Gunbook View Entire Post ›.
21 Movies That Are Old Enough To Legally Drink This Year
Romy and Michele have been out of high school for 31 years... View Entire Post ›.
19 Grandparents Who Are Too Funny For Their Own Good
"My grandma has a picture of her first boyfriend on her dresser instead of the guy she married!" View Entire Post ›.

The Daily Beast

CNN Chief: Fox News Harms America, Is Worse Than Russian Propaganda
Roy Rochlin/GettyNEW YORK — CNN’s top executive on Thursday tore into Fox News, accusing the network of harming America and comparing it to Russian propaganda. Asked at Financial Times’ “Future of News” conference about how CNN’s ratings stack up ....
Parkland Shooting Survivors Now Required to Wear Clear Backpacks to School
When students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School return from spring break next week, they'll notice stiffer security measures around campus. And they'll all be sporting clear backpacks. Robert W. Runcie, the superintendent of Florida's Browar....
Trump’s Legal Team Shared Office Space With Top Conservative Legal Group
Chicago Tribune via GettyPresident Donald Trump’s legal team has done work out of the Capitol Hill offices of a conservative nonprofit group run by one of the president’s lawyers.Two sources familiar with the situation say attorneys representing t....

Aeon Magazine

The commoners
Between 1890 and 1891, a wealthy New Yorker named Eugene Schieffelin released dozens of starlings into Central Park as part of his campaign to introduce animals that were ‘aesthetically and practically valuable’ to the US. It was a romantic and we....
Millions of Russians and eastern Europeans now believe that they were better off under communism. What does this signify?By Kristen R Ghodsee & Scott SehonRead at Aeon.


TV & Radio News

BBC Breakfast: Charlie Stayt cuts short segment as Tobias Ellwood in tears on Westminster

BBC BREAKFAST viewers saw an interview with Tobias Ellwood this morning, which saw the MP reduced to tears as he reflected on the Westminster attacks, leaving fans distraught by his story.
EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon’s return REVEALED and she has a BIG plan for the Slaters

EASTENDERS favourite Kat Moon is set to return to Albert Square in an explosive double bill tonight and the BBC have now released a tantalising new trailer to coincide with the shocking new scenes.
Game of Thrones season 8 news: Jon Snow dealt brutal blow in Daenerys Targaryen TWIST?

GAME OF THRONES fans appear to be getting itchy as they wait for the upcoming series of the HBO hit, and now it seems they have worked out a heartbreaking twist for Jon Snow.
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Food & Drink

Yeast-Raised Angel Biscuits
After proofing overnight in the fridge, these yeast-raised biscuits are ready to bake first thing in the morning, so they're an easy make-ahead option for breakfast and b....
Bacon-Wrapped Figs With Blue Cheese and Bourbon
These quick and easy-to-make hors d'oeuvres are the ultimate mash-up of sweet and salty, creamy and crisp. The combination of juicy fresh figs, rich blue cheese, crisp ba....
Vegan Cashew Milk–Braised Green Plantains
Dense and meaty green plantains are hearty enough to stand on their own in this creamy cashew sauce. We simmer the thick slabs of plantain in a blend of rich cashew milk,....

New Gadgets

Mobile gaming is having a moment, and Apple has the reins
It’s moved beyond tradition and into the realm of meme that Apple manages to dominate the news cycle around major industry events, all while not actually participating in said events. CES rolls around and every story is about HomeKit or its compet....
Jimmy Iovine said to be transitioning to consulting role at Apple
Back in January, reports surfaced that Jimmy Iovine was planning to exit Apple later this year — four years after selling Beats to the company. The music exec issued a semi-denial at the time, stating that he was committed to his bosses and still ....
Apple Watch gets new bands for spring
Apple has unveiled new Apple Watch bands for spring. Bands include Woven Nylon bands direct from Apple, Nike bands, and Hermès bands. Long story short, there are a bunch of new colors and styles. The Woven Nylon bands focus on stripes, alternating....
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Time Magazine Entertainment

Chrissy Teigen Reveals the Hilariously Perfect Reason She Didn’t Take John Legend’s Last Name
Can't argue with that.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Absolutely Crushes Stephen Colbert During a Workout Session
RBG schools Colbert in the art of pushups.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Invitations Are Just as Stunning As You’d Expect
And you can see what they look like in case you aren't on the guest list.

Book & Film Reviews

The Popular Connoisseur
James Stourton’s magnificent biography tells the story of Kenneth Clark’s life in all its complexity and contradiction. It also reminds us that in his time Clark himself developed an innovative method for studying works of art—one that struck a balance between the then-prevailing disciplines of connoisseurship on the one hand and iconography on ...
Israel’s War on Culture
Like many in the ruling coalition, the Culture Minister Miri Regev is openly against the establishment of a Palestinian state and has proposed annexing parts of the West Bank. She curries favor well with voters, in part because she fuses her political agenda with her promise to upend the monopoly that Israel’s Ashkenazi elite has had on the coun...
To the Editors: In my article "Dereliction of Duty?" [NYR, March 22], I originally noted that former National Security Council Senior Director for Intelligence Ezra Cohen-Watnick reportedly was involved in a controversial incident in the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of President Trump’s connections to Russia. That incident has be...