Italian designers Hornet plugins have been releasing quality plugins for some while now, and being in search of THE limiter which I can use on my productions, I have certainly demoed most of the ones out there.

Their Hornet Magnus 2 is a beautifully designed two stage limiter with oversampling options for both the clipper and limiter stage. Everything is nicely laid out for ease of use, no menu sliders to internal pages here, everything takes place on the one simple screen. So the gui design gets a five out of five.

Metering is taken care of with RMS, LUFS display, soft clipping is allowed to lessen the distortion caused by hard clipping. Read more

After enjoying Skyrim last year, an open world fantasy game with great realtime graphics but rather clunky and jittery movement by other characters on screen, I was ready to take a gamble and pay nearly £40 for Far Cry 3 from Ubisoft. I found myself in a world Read more