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Louisa Johnson Instagram: X Factor bombshell exposes bottom in saucy thong bikini pictures

LOUISA JOHNSON - who shot to fame thanks to the 2015 edition of The X Factor - sparked an Instagram meltdown last night thanks to a number of eye-popping photographs.
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Today's Horoscope

Aries Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

Little problems are adding up -- and today they might result in a total lack of progress. You should be able to get past this, but expect to have to waste so...

Taurus Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

You need to take something public -- an old secret, a new project or maybe someone you've been seeing for a little while. You've got the right kind of energy...

Gemini Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

You are finding it much easier to get to the root of any problem today -- you can see past all distractions with ease. Make sure that you're not just seeing ...

Cancer Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

You need a kind of clarity that is hard to come by -- and you need to wait it out if it's not showing up. That could mean that someone starts to get impatien...

Leo Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

Your self-esteem is taking little hits today, but there's not much you can do about it. Try to relax and remember that everything comes in cycles, and you ar...

Virgo Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

Your emotional side is driving you to take on something new or to make a change that you never thought you'd make. It should be positive, so embrace it and s...

Libra Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

Your innate generosity might run into a brick wall of reality today -- so make sure that you remember how to say no! It might take some effort to keep from o...

Scorpio Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

Your ability to wriggle out of bad (or simply boring) situations and reinvent yourself in the process is legendary, and today you find yourself breaking out ...

Sagittarius Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

You may feel the need to spend more time by yourself, at least for now. If so, go for it -- a little time for meditation or daydreaming is never a bad thing,...

Capricorn Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

Get your people together and on the same page -- your organizational talent is making a real difference. You may want to try to get your friends or colleague...

Aquarius Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

You almost certainly run into someone who is rude or even hateful -- but you should do what you can to defuse the situation, rather than escalating. Feelings...

Pisces Daily Overview for July 19, 2018

You need to reach an agreement and sign on the dotted line -- even if it's just a metaphorical line. Anything you enter into today should go well for you in ...

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Strange but True

South Korea's first dog: 'I'm not food'
South Korea's "first dog" has become the furry face of a campaign to discourage the consumption of dog meat in the country.
Next stop on the Piccadilly line is... Gareth Southgate
Southgate underground station has been renamed after England's World Cup manager.
Jailed double murderer runs for US Senate
A man serving a life sentence without parole after being convicted of two murders is running for a US Senate seat.
'Police called' as Build-A-Bear sale sparks chaos
A teddy bear offer has been abandoned amid "safety concerns" after it sparked chaos in shopping centres across the UK.
Man with world's longest nails cuts them after 66 years
The Guinness World Record holder for the longest fingernails ever on a single hand has had his claws cut after 66 years.


'Silicon Valley' star accuses T.J. Miller of being 'a bully' on set
Silicon Valley actress Alice Wetterlund has accused her former co-star T.J. Miller of being "a bully and petulant brat" on the set of the show in a series of tweets posted on Wednesday night. SEE ALSO: T.J. Miller sounds insufferable in another in....
Why you should care that the Trump administration deleted online information about sex discrimination
When President Trump nominated federal judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill a soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court spot, liberals responded with panic and fear over the possibility that another conservative justice could lead to a fundamental rollback of equa....
Chance The Rapper may have hidden a meme in the artwork for his 4 new songs
If you happen to be a fan of Chance The Rapper, then today is a good day. Late on Wednesday, the 25-year-old rapper dropped four new tracks. SEE ALSO: Chance the Rapper is engaged, and we're begging for a wedding invite He announced the music, whi....

Interesting Things

Pat O’Brien’s
The legendary New Orleans bar that created the hurricane cocktail is a hot spot for pilgrims, especially those that sit in the patio next to the flaming fountain..
National Daiquiri Day
There are a great many fruity, rum-based cocktails. The daiquiri, according to reliable sources, is among them..
Fleur de Sel
One of the world's rarest and most expensive kinds of salt comes from the sea, but has a very special method of harvesting..

Product Reviews

The Best Post-Prime Day Deals From Apple, Walmart, Fitbit, Dell
Amazon's Prime Day is over, but rivals like Walmart are still holding huge sales on Fitbit, Beats headphones, video games, and more..
Prime Day 2018 Is Over: But Deals Remain From Bose, Fitbit, and More
Amazon Prime Day 2018 has ended, but there are still some great deals going. We've collected the best post-Prime Day deals, including some from Bose and Fitbit..
Reddit Reinvents the Chat Room With Subreddit Chat
Reddit wants to bring its communities closer together. Its solution: throwing it back to real-time chatrooms..

The Onion

Paul Ryan Worried History May Judge Him Harshly For Failure To Confront Tyrannical Food Stamp Abusers
WASHINGTON—Expressing concern that he had not done enough to stop the oppressive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters Wednesday that he was worried history may judge him harshly for his failure to confr....
Most Anticipated Events Of Comic-Con 2018
Read more....
Mueller Reveals Russia Investigation Just Elaborate Sting To Nail Clinton Child Sex-Slavery Ring
WASHINGTON—Lauding President Trump for his invaluable role in the operation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller informed the public Wednesday that his so-called Russia investigation was in fact merely a cover for an elaborate sting to bring down the C....

TV & Showbiz

Alison Brie shimmers in a halter wrap dress while on the red carpet at the ESPY Awards
She may not be a sports star, but she plays one on TV. And on Wednesday, Alison Brie headed out to the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, the annual show catered to the sports world.
Doutzen Kroes strips down to racy underwear for Christmas teaser
The 33-year-old beauty oozes sex appeal as she parades her famous figure in some seriously sexy intimates in a teaser for their festive range.
Taylor Swift shows off her endless legs in an oversized shirt in NYC
Taylor Swift, 28, cut a casual figure as she left a recording studio in New York City on Wednesday night.
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Hello Headlines

'Homesick' Brooklyn Beckham drops out of New York university after one year
David and Victoria Beckham's eldest son Brooklyn has reportedly deferred his four-year...
Why this weekend will be very exciting for Prince George
Prince George has a very special few days ahead of him – the young royal is turning...
Richard Bacon reunited with his children after coming out of coma - see the sweet photo
Richard Bacon was reunited with his children in hospital, 12 days after he fell ill on a...

International News

Israel passes Jewish nation law branded 'racist' by critics
New legislation defining Israel as national home of Jewish people has sparked fears for country's Arab minority.
Pope must sack archbishop convicted of covering up child sexual abuse, Australian prime minister says
Philip Wilson found guilty of failing to report repeated abuse of two altar boys.
Russian warship that sank 113 years ago found off coast of South Korean island
Some believe the 5,800 ton vessel has gold onboard worth approximately £100bn.
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Body & Soul

Jewels for Heroes
  Now, you must read this!  Whilst I climb on my favourite soap box, let’s be straight here. We know how important it is to be positive and brave. However, for those of us who have to say goodbye to a loved one with a dangerous job, each time feel....
The Perfect Ring
The prospect of gift shopping for someone you love can be a tough one. And finding the perfect Mizpah ring can seem impossible. Condensing all of your emotions, love, and hope for the future into a single item is no easy task, and if that could be....
A Mizpah speaks for you
Imagine to be able to convey a message from your heart to a loved one or a friend without having to think twice how to express yourself. Experience an original Gift of Love by Mizpah. Every emotion, every hope, every thought, all condensed into on....

Huffington Post

This Photo Helped A Girl With Spina Bifida See The Beauty Of Her Scar
Emilia had never properly seen the scar on her back, the result of an operation she underwent as a baby. So the six-year-old was not going to pass up an opportunity to finally get a good look at the mark she is so proud of, as it makes her a ....
How To Cope When Your Partner Becomes Your Carer
I’m one of the lucky ones. I married my best friend.There is no one who makes me laugh more. He is the first person to tell me ‘if anyone can do it you can’....even if what I’m suggesting is utterly ridiculous. He supports me in every decisi....
Labour's Response To Salisbury Has Been Unsurprising
Slow stirrings but we are finally there. Russian imperialism that has often been nothing more than a nostalgic yearning for a return to the days of Soviet Union is now being realised by Britain.The probability of Putin being behind the chemical we....

Buzzfeed Latest

Mark Zuckerberg Defended The Right Of Holocaust Deniers To Post On Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg Defended The Right Of Holocaust Deniers To Post On Facebook View Entire Post ›.
Guns, God And Trump: How An Accused Russian Agent Wooed US Conservatives
It’s hard to tell how much of the story 29-year old Maria Butina told Americans about herself for years is real. But it's clear that her persona — a scrappy girl from Siberia fighting for Russian gun rights — was carefully calibrated to appeal to ....
A Whistleblower Helped Convict Two Members Of A Neo-Nazi Terror Group
The anti-Nazi Hope not Hate group worked with a former member of National Action to assist in the jailing of two men on Wednesday. View Entire Post ›.

The Daily Beast

Scouted: If Allergy Season is Disturbing Your Sleep, Grab This Air Purifier While It's Ten Dollars Off
If you've ever dealt with allergies, you know the day after you dust you have the best night’s sleep, but unless you clean daily, it's inevitable you'll suffer at night. With summer pollen fresh in the air, now's a good time to get an air filter l....
Emeril Lagasse Saved My Sazerac
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastThe first time I had a Sazerac cocktail I had to make it myself, and it took me a couple of years to do it.I didn’t find out about this enduring New Orleans classic by stumbling upon it in an....
Trump Wants Putin to Keep Meddling to Get Himself Reelected
Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast"Inexplicable. Head-scratching. Beyond understanding. Baffling.” So goes the commentary about Trump’s press conference in Helsinki. Really? By now we should all know why Donald Trump sided with Rus....

Aeon Magazine

Mexican handcraft masters: copper
The town of Santa Clara del Cobre in the Mexican state of Michoacán is celebrated for the copper craftsmanship of the indigenous Purépecha people. Its reputation for copper production dates to pre-Columbian times, and the craft still dominates the....
In extremis
As Hannah Arendt argued, there is one common thread which connects individuals drawn to all kinds of extremist ideologiesBy Nabeelah JafferRead at Aeon.


Travel: Venice, City of Love
The capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region, Venice's mix of Renaissance art, Byzantine-influenced architecture and canals make it a truly enchanting place to explore.

TV & Radio News

'I can't watch it before I go to bed' Face of fraud advert that’s scaring us stiff

A TV advert highlighting the dangers of fraud is so effective it is giving viewers nightmares. The chilling message features actress Katharine Bennett-Fox as a shady call centre worker tricking a member of the public over the phone.
The Good Place season 3: Will Eleanor and Chidi get together in season 3 after kiss?

THE GOOD PLACE season 3 is in the works and set for an autumn release. The last run ended on a cliffhanger and fans are wondering if Eleanor and Chidi will get together in series 3 after that kiss?
Iron Fist season 2 streaming: How to watch Iron Fist online and download

IRON FIST was confirmed for a second season in July last year but how can you watch the Marvel-Netflix series online?
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Food & Drink

Pesto alla Trapanese (Sicilian Pesto With Almonds and Tomatoes)
Pesto alla trapanese is Sicily's answer to Liguria's more famous basil-rich pesto sauce. They have a lot in common, as both are full of fresh basil, nuts, garlic, olive o....
Causa (Peruvian Cold Mashed Potato Casserole With Tuna or Chicken)
Causa is one of Peru's most popular dishes, a cold casserole that's part mashed potatoes, part potato salad, and part mayonnaise-y salad with a meat like tuna or chicken.....
Fresh Pineapple Syrup
Fresh pineapple is a luxury of its own, so make the most of it by putting the core (and eyelets) to good use in this fresh, no-cook syrup. The acidic juice in the fruit s....

New Gadgets

Apple releases third iOS 12 beta to everyone
Apple just released the third version of the iOS 12 beta as part of the public beta program. It means that everyone can now install a development build of iOS 12, the next major version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad. Don’t forget thi....
Apple’s iCloud user data in China is now handled by a state-owned mobile operator
If you’re an Apple customer living in China who didn’t already opt out of having your iCloud data stored locally, here’s a good reason to do so now. That information, the data belonging to China-based iCloud users which includes emails and text me....
Sharecuts is creating a community for sharing Siri Shortcuts
With the upcoming release of iOS 12, Apple is introducing a new app called Shortcuts that will allow users to build custom voice commands for Siri that can be used to kick off a variety of actions in apps. While some apps will directly prompt user....
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Time Magazine Entertainment

A New Stephen King Show Proves His Scariest Villain Has Been There All Along
We live in a universe of universes: the Marvel universe, the Star Wars universe, the Harry Potter universe. In a franchise-driven market, the ideas, setting and aesthetic dreamed up by one creator can serve as the connective tissue for dozens of s....
Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again Is Both Atrocious and Amazing
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is terrible. And irresistible. How a movie that’s almost not even a movie can be both of those things at once is one of the mysteries of filmgoing, and one of its puckish pleasures. The thing barely holds together, thou....
Blindspotting Takes a Hard Look at Race and Gentrification
There’s a lot going on in Blindspotting, the semi-comedy co-written by and starring Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal. Diggs’ Collin, after serving two months in jail, is just finishing up his probation. He’s got three days left, and after an evening ....

Book & Film Reviews

World Cup 2018: Football Sans Frontières
Social democracy isn’t just the way to win at public health outcomes; it’s the way to win at sport, too. But there is something more potent to recognize, as football now heads home (though not to England, with apologies to fans of Harry Kane). For the game now returns to its roots, which are not in stadiums or on TV, but in vacant lots, on stree...
The BBC and Brexit: An Exchange
James Stephenson: The BBC does indeed occupy a unique position in world journalism—as the most trusted international broadcaster. That is why hundreds of millions of people worldwide turn to BBC News each week. Nick Cohen: I am not alleging a conspiracy. The BBC journalists I speak to talk of something less sinister but more pervasive: a fear of...
The Romanovs’ Art of Survival
Almost all the Romanovs had an artistic bent: they painted, doodled, carved, embroidered, cut jewelry, or sculpted. For many Romanov exiles after 1917—hounded, stripped of their wealth, living under the constant fear of further reprisals—art became, in part, a coping mechanism. Later, as the memory of the massacre gave way in its immediacy, new ...