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Sunshine set to continue on Easter Monday
The dry, bright and warm conditions which marked a glorious Easter bank holiday weekend across the UK will continue through Easter Monday as temperatures reached 77F.
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Today's Horoscope

Aries Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

Try something totally new and unexpected today—you've got the energy for it, and your people are ready for you to show them the way. Things should start to g...

Taurus Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

You may know you're right—but good luck convincing others! The worst thing you can do is to lecture or just assume that your righteousness is enough to carry...

Gemini Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

You and a friend are approaching today's big issue from the same direction—wouldn't it be great if you could work together? Make sure that you're both talkin...

Cancer Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

Someone needs your assistance. It may be a charity or a family member, but your willingness to pitch in should put you in a better light, even to those you d...

Leo Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

Travel is still on your mind—can you head out, or at least plan a trip? If you can pick a destination, the rest should fall into place before you know it. Le...

Virgo Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

You feel more restless than usual—and it's not just a holiday blues thing. You need to push yourself as much as you can to head out into the world and mix it...

Libra Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

Take care of something that really matters to you in a big way—don't let it slip away from you! Things are looking good for you, as long as you can stick to ...

Scorpio Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

Turn your attention to bigger issues today. Things are good, but that just means that you've got more time to spend on strategic and big-picture stuff. Ask f...

Sagittarius Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

You take in all sorts of new information today—you're like a private detective! Things get more and more interesting for you as you make your way through the...

Capricorn Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

Don't let this morning's bad news drag you too far down—you can still make this work! Just keep pushing forward until you get where you're going. It's just a...

Aquarius Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

Try not to avoid socializing today, no matter how bad that headache may be. Your energy is just right for working together with those who are on your team to...

Pisces Daily Overview for April 22, 2019

A small stroke of good luck may turn into a streak if you follow it up. Your energy is just right for ensuring that you make the most of any random occurrenc...

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Strange but True

Gorillas appear to pose for selfie with park ranger
A photo has emerged of what a park ranger claims to be a selfie with two gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Weah fear as snakes force Liberian president out of office
Liberia's president and African player of the century is being forced to work from home after two snakes were found in his office block.
Man who bought tuk tuk after 'boozy night' aims for speed record
A "fanatical petrol-head" and his "adrenaline junkie" cousin are setting out to break the land speed record for a tuk tuk after buying one during a boozy nig...
Indian man cuts off his own finger in anger after voting for wrong party
An Indian man has cut off his own finger after accidentally voting for the wrong party in his country's election.
$10 charge for driving on the 'Crookedest Street in the World'
The thousands of tourists who drive down San Francisco's famous crooked street each year could soon have to pay for the privilege.


Say no to plastic water bottles: Brita filter pitchers and others are on sale for Earth Day at Walmart
Not so fun Earth Day fact: The planet's CO2 levels are out of control.  Earth Day is a great way bring some attention to the crisis — but to really offset that carbon footprint, we need to be actively thinking about our usage on the daily. It coul....
Apple could release a 5G iPhone as early as 2020
Apple may not have a 5G-ready iPhone in people's hands this year, but all signs point towards a 2020 debut for the highly anticipated device. TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo seems to think so, anyway. Kuo is known for being genera....
Dyson’s V6 Vacuum is $100 off on Amazon
Nobody *wants* to do it, but we all have to: Vacuuming. There’s just no getting around it — dust bunnies, pet hair, crumbs, and all other sorts of nasties will inevitably accumulate and we eventually have to do something about it (unless you don’t....

Interesting Things

Mystery Park
An unusual theme park near Interlaken, Switzerland was designed around exhibits showcasing author Erich von Däniken's theory that aliens brought advanced technology to Earth thousands of years ago..
Take Control of Siri
Make the most of Apple's voice-powered digital assistant on your iOS device, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or HomePod—and save 30%! Bonus videos, too!.
The Legend of Deolinda Correa
An unofficial saint in Argentina, Deolinda Correa is honored with shrines all over the country. As legend has it, she was able to keep her newborn son alive even after she died..

Product Reviews

11 Best Upcycled and Recycled Products (2019)
You want shoes, eh? How about shoes made from recycled plastic?.
VR’s True Innovation Isn’t Technological, It’s Human
Where new headsets like the Oculus Quest and HTC Vive Focus Pro really shine is their ability to help us interact more freely with other people..
How the Atari 2600 Led Videogaming's Home Invasion
A nearly endless array of game options helped the cartridge-fed console dominate the living room for years..

The Onion

The Week In Pictures – Week Of April 22, 2019
Read more....
Woman Jealous Of Horse’s Eyelashes
Read more....
Computer Scientists Say AI’s Underdeveloped Ethics Have Yet To Move Beyond Libertarian Phase
CAMBRIDGE—Amid the tech industry’s efforts to eliminate the biases recently observed in facial recognition software and other intelligent algorithms, the nation’s leading computer scientists announced Monday that even the most advanced AI technolo....

TV & Showbiz

George and Amal Clooney spend their Easter weekend getting to know their Irish relatives
The Hollywood star, 57, the human rights lawyer, 41, and their twins Ella and Alexander, 22 months, travelled to Ireland to attend the get-together at the Ballyfin Demesne hotel in County Laois.
Game of Thrones' Jenny's Song may have revealed who will sit on the Iron Throne
Podrick Payne sings a melancholy tune known as Jenny's Song as he sits around a fireplace ahead of the upcoming Battle of Winterfell.
Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock sizzles in skimpy bikinis as she models her new swimwear range
The Shout Out To My Ex hitmaker, 27, has proven there's no rest for the wicked as she promoted her new swimwear range In'A'Seashell in a series of sizzling Instagram snaps on Sunday.
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Hello Headlines

Incredible photos: Prince Harry reveals unexpected talent to celebrate Earth Day
Turns out the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t the only royal with some impressive photo...
Why Kate and Zara Tindall curtsied differently to the Queen - watch video
The Duchess of Cambridge and Zara Tindall were some of the attendees who joined the Queen...
Prince William, Kate and the Queen send condolences to Sri Lanka following Easter terror attack
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen have sent their condolences to the...
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Huffington Post

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Wiping Out Almost Everyone’s Student Debt
“The time for half-measures is over,” the Democratic presidential candidate said..
Trump Sues To Block Congressional Subpoena For Financial Records
Rep. Elijah Cummings issued the subpoena after Michael Cohen testified that the president had inflated assets..
UK Newspaper Wants Trump’s ‘Stomach-Churning’ Meeting With Queen Nixed
“Trump is unfit to hold the office of president of the United States.”.

Buzzfeed Latest

Sri Lanka Blocked Social Media To Stop The Spread Of Fake News About The Easter Blasts
Social media will remain blocked while security forces investigate the bombings.View Entire Post ›.
15 Kids Who Deserve Recognition For Making Their Unfortunate Situations A Thousand Times Better
Nothing is gonna rain on their parade!View Entire Post ›.
Tell Us Your First Name And We'll Reveal Your Fortune
"You will take this quiz."View Entire Post ›.

The Daily Beast

Scouted: Bearaby Launches the Tree Napper, a Weighted Blanket Made from Wood Pulp-Derived Fabric
Just when you thought you hit peak weighted blanket, Bearaby comes and changes everything. In honor of Earth Day, the weighted blanket brand has debuted the Tree Napper, a weighted blanket made exclusively from TENCEL Lycocell, a fabric derived fr....
Trump Sues House Oversight Chairman to Block Subpoena of His Financial Records
Reuters / Kevin LamarqueDonald Trump has taken the extraordinary step of suing the chairman of the House Oversight Committee in a desperate attempt to prevent a congressional subpoena of the president’s closely held financial records.In a filing r....
Elizabeth Warren Calls for Wiping Out Student-Loan Debt, Making College Free
BRendan Smialowski/GettySen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is rolling out a comprehensive higher-education plan that includes a broad proposal to cancel student-loan debt. The plan, which would cancel $50,000 in student-loan debt for every person with a....

Aeon Magazine

Originally broadcast on BBC2’s The Late Show in 1992, this delightfully simple and clever short from the UK artist John Smith deploys a camera, an amphibian and an alarm clock to show how the chasm between ‘gargantuan’ and ‘minute’ is all in the f....
Thinking on your feet
Don't just do it, think about it too: how Gilbert Ryle's philosophy of mind can help athletes teach themselves to improveBy Josh Habgood-CooteRead at Aeon.
A rock, a human, a tree: all were persons to the Classic Maya
For the Maya of the Classic period, who lived in southern Mexico and Central America between 250 and 900 CE, the category of ‘persons’ was not coincident with human beings, as it is for us. That is, human beings were persons – but other, nonhuman ....


Fashion: Why don't you try...
Upping your eco cool with these ethical, sustainable or vegan go-tos 
Emotional ties with Love Island star Amber Davies
I’m such a Nana’s girl. She wasn’t keen on me going on Love Island but now, I swear she watches the final every night. Now that I have got back into musical theatre, she can sleep well at night
Fashion: You will love  
Celebrating earth day tomorrow with these eco-friendly treats 

TV & Radio News

Emmerdale star Shila Iqbal blasts soap bosses’ decision to FIRE her over historic tweets: 'It was easy for them to let go of me'

Shila Iqbal was fired from the soap earlier this month [Getty] Emmerdale star Shila Iqbal has lashed out at ITV's decision to fire her over historic racist tweets. ITV confirmed that Shila has been fired from her role on Emmerdale as a result of historic tweets, which are reported by Mail Online to be racist.  Shila Iqbal, 24, played Ai...
Elliott Wright and wife Sadie discuss son William's christening in Spain as they celebrate alongside Gemma Collins and James Argent

  Gemma Collins celebrated Elliott Wright and wife Sadie's son's christening [OK!] Elliott Wright and wife Sadie celebrated the christening of their four-month-old son William at the Parroco de Santa Teresa de Jesus church in Spain. The reality couple announced the birth of their son in January alongside an adorable photo on Instagram. Join...
Tinie Tempah opens up on fatherhood for the first time — five months after welcoming daughter

Tinie Tempah has opened up on fatherhood for the first time [Dave Benett/Getty Images] Tinie Tempah has opened up on becoming a father for the first time. The 30 year old welcomed a daughter in secret in December 2018.  Rapper Tinie — real name Patrick Okogwu — posted an image of himself with his daughter after the birth, before quickly dele...
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Food & Drink

Citrus Salad With XO Sauce and Meyer Lemon Dressing
The savory depth of XO sauce plays the perfect foil to sweet and tart citrus in this simple salad. Get Recipe! .
L'Aventura Punch (Vodka, Mint Tea, and Amaro Cocktail)
In this minty, floral, and herbal cocktail, vodka adds a neutral kick of booze, allowing the more intriguing flavors of amaro, vermouth, and a mint tea syrup to shine thr....
Three-Piece Suit (Tequila and Sherry Big-Batch Cocktail)
Designed to be made in advance while being perfectly balanced, this tequila and sherry cocktail is a killer party drink. When your guests arrive, just open the bottle and....
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Time Magazine Entertainment

Tyrion and Jaime Gave Us Yet Another Hint About That Cersei Prophecy
The latest episode of "Game of Thrones" slipped in two hints about the infamous Cersei prophesy.
Is Game of Thrones Trying to Romantically Pair Sansa and Theon?
Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones. The second episode in Game of Thrones’ eighth season was chock-full of reunions. But one in particular stood out to fans: the one between Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy. Midway through the e....
How Common is Incest in the Targaryen Family on Game of Thrones
Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones. Jon revealed his true parentage to Daenerys on episode 2 of season 8 of Game of Thrones: He is the son of Dany’s brother, Rhaegar Targaryen, which means that Daenerys is his aunt. Daenerys ....